English is Just Like Any Other Language

English is just like any other other language. English is just like Cebuano, it’s like Tagalog, it’s like Chinese and I could on like there’s no end.

But English has a different standing in the minds of people from different places. For example in the Philippines, when a native can speak straight English, he is perceived as intelligent or rich. A Filipino friend of mine who visited China told me that the people there unconsciously thought of him as respectable because he speaks good English.Although at times English can be a hated language by others. I think this is brought about the hearers own personal insecurities, in other words some people gets jealous when they hear a person speaks English.

Why English has this reputation? I believe it’s because it’s a language spoken by rich countries. Just like in other situations, the rich and famous are respected, but at the same time an object of hate by a few.

English is just one of the 46,820 languages on earth.

Weak Dollar, Strong Peso

The weakening dollar has both pros and cons.

For the Filipino importers, it’s a positive sign for them, i can see them grinning, while the exporters are scratching their heads in desperation.

The company i am currently working for is obviously affected. It’s an offshoring business. Though the management are doing all they can to show that they’re not affected, or at least they’re saying anything like “turn off the aircon, cut on the expenses and etc.”

The things i noticed that the admin is doing is first, we all have 8 percent salary increase regardless of an employee’s performance rating. Second, our Christmas party will be held at a popular cheap restaurant, last year we had in a hotel in Makati, a posh business district in Manila.

Honestly, the weakening dollar doesn’t worry me at all. I can become rich whatever the situation is around me.

Playing Futsal Goalie for the First Time

Futsal is a Spanish word which is futbol de sala, it is an indoor football (soccer), and today i will be playing goalkeeper. It is my first time to play competitive futsal. Already 34 years old, but still kicking or rather keeping goals.

I hope will shut out all of the goals that our opponents will try to shoot to us at.

God please help me as you always do! Hehehe…

How I Became an Architect


My present profession is web designer, but how did I become a licensed architect?

As long as I can remember I was already scribbling on any paper or surface I could find, be it newspapers, at the back of black and white photographs, my sister’s notes and of course, the walls of our house much to the chagrin of my mother.

My family and our neighbors who noticed my “talent” in the visual arts would constantly ask me what I wanted to become when I grow up. I answered “engineer” and at times “architect.”

I joined art contests and I won some of them. My supportive parents enrolled me into an art school back in Mindanao.

I immensely enjoyed doing what I love doing. Girls like boys who know how to draw.

In high school, I chose architectural drafting as my elective subject. There were several elective subjects to choose in our school. Most of the girls took up something related to housekeeping. Some boys choose electronics and automotive subjects.

After graduation in high school, I was in a dilemma in choosing which college I would take, Architecture or Fine Arts.

My parents were no longer indirectly supportive of my artistic skills. They wanted me to become a nurse. Mother told I looked good in polo, the usual uniform of nursing students. No offense, but medical courses disgust me.

I asked a friend who was currently in the third year in Architecture. Which one is the best course to take, “Architecture or Fine Arts?”

His reason was architects make a lot of money than fine arts graduates. Hmm, that makes sense, I thought.

I finished architecture in seven years. Architecture is five years. I was not really into it. What I enjoyed the most was the “art” side of Architecture, the mathematics and other scientific subjects bored me.

I officially took oath as an architect in August of 2006. It was a dream that came true nonetheless. But I should have taken fine arts.

A piece of advice from me. Go for the things that you love doing, NOT because it makes lot money. Because you’re productive when you do the thing you love doing, and consequently you make a lot of money in the end.

Call Center Blooper

There was a topic posted at Pinoyexchange about a new call center being setup in Cebu City. Then a member replied taunted the Cebuanos’ English accent basically saying that American clients are harsh if they find out that the technical support are outsourced somewhere in Asia.

That ignorant member could be watching too much racist tagalog movies where an uneducated Visayan housemaid with weird accent is made the center of bigot jokes.

I found a video on Youtube. A call center agent with an obvious tagalog accent was trying hard to sound American (required on most call centers), but fell short. She even told the caller that she is a Fil-American in California…..in Ortigas Center! Hear on the 4:30 part of the video. Better if you listen to this from start to finish.

My conclusion, don’t make fun of other people’s accent. It’s just simply a racist thing to do.

Little Boy Blue

This cute little boy is one the kids who live in makeshift houses (if you call it a house) in Cubao, in Quezon City.

I enjoyed being around with the “homeless” friends of mine. Some of them used used to literally beg on the streets. A friend of mine is helping them get out of the poor me mentality and bible reading and it has been a success so far. A few has their own small time business like selling foods and soft drinks on the streets. Just so inspiring.
Blue Boy

Comfortable Today, Uncomfortable Tomorrow

This is what i learned in life. If you are taking things foolishly and lazily easy today, you will be hard pressed tomorrow.

During college, life was a breeze. Booze here and there, a party or two or even three every week. No beer for a week was a miracle. Going college was just secondary for me. Just practically wasted my parents’ money.

Consequently, grades were not good to look at. Had to retake some of them the following year. I took the board exam for architects thrice. I had to go through the eye of the needle when looking for a job. Had to humble myself and go for a job that pays peanuts.

Take this as an advice especially for the teenagers.

I Knew it, Erap would be released!

Just as i have written previously. Erap Estrada would only serve a short time in jail after his conviction.

Gloria Arroyo should also pardon those relatively unknown and poor convicts that are in jail for stealing a few hundred pesos.

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Helen Keller

Helen Keller
I first knew about her during my elementary years. A classmate influenced me to buy comics, and one of those is the biography of Helen Keller.

Helen Keller is a popular intellectual celebrity during the 1920s to 1940s. Her life story got me inspired. She was blind and deaf most of her life. She was not born deafblind though, but became one when she got sick by a serious disease at age 2.

Although she was blessed with a well off family, but this is probably not the reason why she overcame her physical limitations. A positive and supportive family is enough.

She was the first deafblind to graduate in college, and magna cum laude at that!

She is also an author, who wrote a total of 12 books, and several articles.

Radicalism also got her into, advocating equal rights to workers. This part of her life is not highlighted in biographies and movies about her since some people find it controversial.

Any negative odds can be prevailed over no matter how difficult. I’ve heard this a long time ago that “Everything has a solution.” It may not be easy sometimes, but here is no reason to sulk in self-pity and despair.

Everything is possible!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the image

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